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Dubai Yoga personal trainer and instructor Hema D Souza is a dedicated yoga instructor with over 9 years of yoga experience and practical knowledge. Based in Dubai her aim is to provide each client with the knowledge and practical principles relating to ancient yoga techniques which will help you understand yoga as a form of mental and physical exercise. She likes to incorporate different yoga styles into her 1-2-1 and group yoga personal training sessions in Dubai with focus on understanding and improving your lifestyle and health. Anyone can do yoga with the right training from a seasoned professional yoga instructor. Hema can provide yoga classes and personal training to adults, children and also the elderly. She is also available for yoga practise in the workplace for companies in Dubai who want to use the services of a yoga personal trainer in Dubai for their employees.

Trainer Experience

About Hema:


As a yoga professional in Dubai Hema is very enthusiast and passionate about her specialist areas and excels when it comes to her knowledge of yoga in practise and the science behind yoga traditions. She is an experience yoga teacher, yoga personal trainer, yoga therapist and yoga class instructor and uses the principles of Asanas, Pranayama, kriya, mudra, bandha, meditation practice with yogic food. There are numerous health benefits when it comes to practising yoga for both the body and mind. Yoga can help you become more flexible, increase your body tone and also help reduce stress for a calmer lifestyle. Hema incorporates different styles of yoga into her private and group yoga personal training in Dubai, these include: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra for stress relief, breathing techniques, pre and post natal exercise using yoga, yoga to maintain your current fitness, yoga classes for kids in Dubai and also yoga for the elderly as a way of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle as we get older.

My Personal Training Style:


Each client is different and the type of personal training yoga style will depend on the clients needs and ultimately their fitness goals. Hema has exceptional observation skills, patience and most importantly the ability to connect with people emotionally which gives her a greater understanding of the client’s needs. Using her knowledge of many different types of yoga Hema can provide a safe and accurate way to incorporate yoga training into your exercise and fitness regime.

My Certifications & Personal Training Experience:


Hema has over 9 years experience in the field of yoga – practical and yoga science. She is a Post Graduate in Yogic science from Mangalore University where she obtained her M.Sc yoga certification. Recently Hema has also been awarded her First Aid & CPR certification. Hema is also in the process of registering for her UAE Reps number.

My Specialities:


As a yoga personal trainer and teacher Hema specialises in numerous yoga style which therapeutically can help reduce and balance weight, rehabilitation from injury or illness, deal with sinus issues, pain in the joints and muscles, pre and post natal exercise for mothers in Dubai. The daily practice of yoga can also help you to lead a generally healthier lifestyle too for the mind and body.


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