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Home personal trainer based in Dubai, Fat loss and performance expert Barry has been working in the personal training industry for more than 5 years and has experience in professional level football in Scotland. His professional attitude towards fitness and exercise has led him to become experienced in a wide variety of personal training techniques and methods which include Fat loss and weight management specific methodology, performance training & strength and conditioning, health & well-being expert guidance. As well as being an all-round fitness expert Barry specializes in fat loss and weight management. Barry’s primary objective is to ensure all of his personal training clients in Dubai reach their overall goal in the healthiest , safest and yet fastest most effective way possible !

Trainer Experience

About Dubai PT Barry:


Since Barry was young he’s always had a keen interest in the mechanics of the body and how performance can be improved through physical training. This coupled with his strong sporting background in Professional football is what led Barry to become a Personal Trainer. Barry has studied Fitness Health & Eduction at HND level and studying health and fitness for 3 years at college has allowed him to develop a broad knowledge of how the body works.

Barry focuses everything from physical condition, nutrition and lifestyle to implementation of training and of course adapted nutrition to make sure his clients have the highest chance of success.

As a Personal Trainer in Dubai, UAE Barry aims to provide a comprehensive fitness experience that will allow you to achieve your desired goals. Barry will use the skills he has acquired through his studies and from his own experiences in the gym and in professional sports to get you to where you want to be.

Barry's Personal Training Style:


Barry’s personal training style will differ from each client as every client has different needs and goals. However, Barry values personal training not just as a purchase of PT, but as an education and experience also. He would like every individual client to understand the purpose and reasoning behind specific issues relating to their training or nutrition and ultimately incorporate PT into a lifestyle change.

Barry always aims to push his clients to their maximum limit, always in a safe manner, whilst at the same time appreciating and understanding why they are doing it to begin with.

Barry's Certifications & Personal Training Experience:


Barry’s PT Certifications & Personal Training Experience:

In the period of over 5 years that Barry has been a personal trainer, he has the experience working with complete new comers just getting involved in fitness and exercise for the very first time all the way up to professional level athletes. He has a vast knowledge in every aspect and component of fitness and implements this knowledge to every new client he has the pleasure to work with.

– Level 2 gym instructor
– Advanced apprenticeship in personal training
– Level 3 personal trainer
– Sports performance
– Higher national diploma in Fitness, Health and exercise
– applied nutrition
– Indoor Cycling (spin)

Barry's Training Specialities:


Barry has a number of specialist areas when it comes to implementation to clients. Having worked predominantly in the fields of fat loss and weight management he also has the personal input of performance based training having been a professional footballer back in his native Scotland. However, regardless of the goal or reason his client opts for personal training, Barry has the knowledge and specialist qualities to address any future clients reason for requiring his help.

Barry's Personal Training Methods & Equipment:


Barry utilizes many pieces of equipment ranging from dumbbells, kettle bells, equipment such as TRX and barbells. Different goals require different training implementation in regards to reps , sets, intensity , tempo ect so depending on the goal of the individual client the training methods will be different.

Barry constantly focuses on technique of his clients whilst exercising. This maximizes results and overall health of his clients not to mention making sure everybody stays safe and free of injury.

Barry believes Olympic barbell work is one of the most beneficial and effective pieces of kit to use. If able, and once technique is properly addressed, progressive barbell movements will be taught. Barbell exercises such as Back squats, deadlift , clean and press to name a few provide the most ‘bang for your buck’ exercises to take part in and will yeald the best results.



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