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Training Since : 2000
Languages : English
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Dubai personal trainer and fitness expert Aly is a REPS 3 qualified fitness trainer with more than 17 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. Aly can work with clients of all ages and fitness abilities, he specialises in fat loss, muscle building, weight and nutrition management, endurance and more. Through regular monitoring and fitness evaluations Aly will ensure you meet and exceed all of your health, fitness and lifestyle goals in Dubai whether you want to trainer at home, at a gym or even outdoors.

Trainer Experience

About Dubai Trainer Aly:


Being a mobile freelance personal trainer in Dubai allows Aly to come to you for your PT sessions. This can be at your home in Dubai, your home gym or at another location to suit your time and your daily schedule. Aly has an impressive 17 years of the health and fitness industry knowledge to pass on to his personal training clients and is suited to all client types and ages.

Whether you are just getting into fitness or perhaps you need some help with achieving a fitness goal in Dubai; Aly’s motivational and inspirational personal training approach means you will see results. He specialises in a wide variety of health and fitness areas including endurance, general fitness, improving your body tone and physical appearance, weight loss and proper nutritional planning and pre-post natal exercise in Dubai.

What Is Aly's Personal Training Style?


Aly likes to incorporate athletic movements with almost all of his personal training clients. Keeping an open mind and adapting exercise routines and training styles will ensure you never get bored during your Dubai PT sessions. Aly knows that to be successful in any exercise programme proper form and technique need to be applied to the exercise session, being an expert in the field of fitness allows him to not only tell you the proper way exercise should be done but also demonstrate it.

His personal training style is ultimately designed to give you the results you need in a fast and safe training way.

Aly's Certifications & Personal Training Experience:


Having 17 years experience is a bonus to you as Aly can use his knowledge, expertise and training to help you achieve your fitness goals in Dubai faster and using the best available methods.

  • ISSA level 3 Personal Trainer
  • IFPA Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Certified personal trainer from Golds Academy
  • Certified personal trainer from 24 hour fitness
  • Certified personal trainer from FNC
  • Resistance Training course from Cybex International
  • CPR & First Aid Certified American Red Cross.

Aly's Personal Fitness Training Expertise:


Aly is an all-rounder. He specialises in a wide variety of training techniques using both tried and tested methods and also new exercise regimes. Being a Level 3 Reps qualified trainer means Aly is constantly adding to his own personal training through a variety of training courses and certifications. He has experience in training clients for Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Bodybuilding, Pre and Post Natal Exercise, Sports Specific Training, Body Toning & Shaping, Competition Preparation, Weight Management, Endurance Training, Flexibility & Strength and Functional Training to prevent injury.

Using different aspects of the above training methods Aly can work with all clients with differing training needs.




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  • Endurance training
  • General Fitness
  • Pre and post natal exercise
  • Senior fitness training
  • Special needs and disabilities
  • Weight loss and nutrition

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