Tickets available for Beasts in the middle east by WUS , the most awaited upcoming event in Dubai, UAE

Beasts in the Middle East, the event:  It is one of the most action-packed and ultimate upcoming event in Dubai, UAE in the year 2018
You can expect festivities, carnivals, sporting competitions, roller skating park, strength tests, arts & crafts – all along with food, music and entertainment 
The concept is an exclusive fusion event of entertainment and sports. An estimated 8000 to 10000 visitors are expected. WUS is all equipped for an unforgettable experience for fans be it adults, families or children.
October 26th, 2018 is the day when WUS will be unveiled at Bab al-Shams Desert - Event Arena, Dubai . This is the largest production in the world for Strongman sport and also richest in prize money
 The Event Activities :
 - Gladiator opening ceremony
 - Show by the Monks of the Shaolin Temple, Henan Sheng China
 - Bench Bash with Desert Barbell
 - Fittest Human with Fitness In DXB
 - Roller Skating with Roll DXB
 - The UFC fun experience with UFC gyms (children and adults)
 - Capoeira dancers
 - Amateur boxing and MMA ring
 - Hawaiian Fire artists show
 - Obstacle Course (children and adults)
 - Food and beverages (Dubai style brunch) catered by Meydan
 - Food trucks
 - Arts and crafts (children and adults)
 - Carnival Games
 - Live Music
 - Fireworks
 - Silk performers

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